How many times have you heard from parents that you’re never truly ready to become one yourself? While that may be true in an emotional sense, you can at least get your financial ducks (or storks?) in a row. We have 10 financial tips for soon-to-be or brand new parents.

All About that Budget

You’re going to have to figure out what new expenses there are moving forward now that baby is here. Ask friends and start making lists.

Plan Some Cushion

On that note, though, you’re almost certainly going to leave something out of your budget. Plan for that, too.

Take a Look at Health Insurance Options

Try to compare any options you have to add your child to health insurance plans. That might be through one of the parents’ employers or through the ACA exchange.

Get a Will

Wills aren’t only for septuagenarians and older. They’re an important step if you have dependents. Start checking out options to get it done accurately.

Avoid Increasing Fixed Spending

Don’t dig yourself into a hole becoming ‘house-poor’ for baby to have their own nursery. Same goes for a pricey new minivan.

Save for Their Future

A few dollars here and there now can seriously grow to a big sum by the time they’re an adult. It doesn’t need to necessarily be for college, but that’s a common option.

Don’t Neglect Retirement

There’s a saying that you can’t borrow money to fund a retirement. Do your kids a favor and keep adding money to your 401k or similar savings.

Emergency Savings

Kids can get into some pretty strange situations, some of which will require a trip to the emergency room. Have the funds on hand if possible.

Plan for Their Financial Education

Start thinking early about how you’ll teach them about money and the value of saving it.

Don’t Neglect Yourselves

You don’t stop being a person when you have a child. Respect your financial needs and the needs of your partner where possible.