The holiday season is in full swing! And those of us with birthdays around this time of year exist, too–not that we’re bitter or anything. Whatever the event you’re celebrating, the right gift can go a long way in making someone feel special. If you’re still sweating the gift shopping, we have a few ideas that can help.

The Gift of Good Memories

Happy memories can do more than bring a smile to your face–research has shown that thinking about a good memory can make you less stressed, too. Try a gift that brings back happy memories that the two of you share.

The Gift of A Shopping Spree

Know anyone who tends to skip most of life’s simple pleasures? Get them a gift card to someplace they love but rarely indulge in. Sometimes, the ability to shop guilt-free is all we really want.

The Gift of Gadgets

Is there a piece of technology or accessory that’s made your life easier? Share it! You could help save someone time or indulge in their interests and hobbies.

The Gift of Kitsch

Don’t laugh too hard at this one (okay, do) but it can be pretty funny to roll into a family reunion or holiday party wearing matching silly t-shirts with a sibling, spouse or pet.

The Gift of Nostalgia

Have a loved one who moved recently? Reminders of their home could make for a great gift. Plus, you can find great options all over sites like Etsy.

The Gift of Shared Experiences

Want to grab a ticket to that comedy show next month? Get two and make the second one a gift for a loved one.

The Gift of Food & Drinks

Food and drinks make for excellent gifts for loved ones trying to live in small spaces or living a more minimalist lifestyle.

The Gift of Necessities

They got a bad rap when we were younger, but useful gifts like socks are surprisingly popular for the adults in your life.

The Gift of A Beloved Item

It can be difficult to thread this needle, but try sharing a book or other item that you’ve enjoyed. Take into consideration not only what you like, but also what you think they would like.

The Gift of Peace of Mind

Looking for a gift that won’t cost you any money? Share the Avibra app so that your loved one can start earning $15,000 of insurance today!