While many people are buried up to their eyeballs in never-ending to do lists, there are still plenty out there looking for ways to make 2020 fly by a little faster. While we certainly think that staying active or starting new hobbies is a valuable goal, some days you really might benefit from figuring out a laid back way to keep yourself busy. In that spirit, we’ve pulled together a few tips to choose what you binge watch.

You (Probably) Don’t Need That New Subscription

Look, it’s tempting. And if you really want it, go for it. But if you’re just searching around for anything that will keep you entertained, you’re probably not going to magically get it for another few bucks a month if you already have a few sources of entertainment. The exciting newness of it all is temporary. The monthly fee lasts much longer.


The Office. Adventure Time. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Schitt’s Creek. Whether you finished a show 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago, now might be the time to start that bad boy all over again. You already know that you like it and you can skip any of the boring episodes.

Ten Minutes

You don’t owe anything to a TV show. No one will come to your house and judge you for not finishing the pilot. Give it 10 minutes and if you’re not into it, it’s okay to walk away.

Pick It Up Again

Trying to find a way to feel accomplished right now? Not so easy to do in your living room. Try finally finishing that show you started (and liked, even!) last year.

Get On the Bandwagon

It can be difficult to feel like you’re connected to the world at large at the moment. Try watching whatever the current big TV show is and get into the buzz.

Movie Themes

Not into TV shows? Try watching every movie you have access to that’s in a theme you enjoy, like all the zombie movies on Netflix.

Let the App Be Thy Guide

Some of these streaming services have suggestions on what to specifically binge watch based on what other people have binge watched, too. Check them out.

Clear Out Your Queue

If you’re struggling to find something to hit play on, try cleaning up your to-watch lists to see if you’re sad about ditching a show from the queue.

Committee Decision

With things like Netflix Party, you can have a watch party with friends. Set up a standing virtual date.

Have An Exit Plan

Look, there will be some days where you really just want to unwind and veg out. Just try to make sure that’s not the plan all day every day, for your mental and physical health.