Interviews are the first big step in your potential career at a company. Making a great impression can be quite stressful–and tele-interviews are no exception. Here are some tips to ace your next one!

Check Your Internet Connection

The first step after accepting the interview request is to make sure you have a good internet connection. If you know your internet may be choppy, find a place with a more reliable connection.

Technology Check

Check your camera quality and microphone quality. You will want to make sure your phone or microphone can pick up your voice with minimal background noise. If you have a video call, make sure your webcam is in working order as well.

Soundcheck 1-2-3

Set up your laptop and phone in a quiet place. Look for a space where noises–like kids, pets, and traffic–are minimal so that your interviewer can better focus on how awesome you are.

Light, Please!

If your interview includes video, add lighting. Natural light will usually be best. Add in lamps if you need them. Open up your webcam to check how it captures the light so you can adjust accordingly. Does the room have adequate light? Do the blinds cast shadow lines on your face? Minimize distractions by fixing this before the call.

What’s in Your Home?

Look at the background. Ideally, you will want a neutral background for an interview. Is there a clean wall you can use as a backdrop? Should you creatively hang up a sheet behind you? If it’s not an option, look at using virtual backgrounds available on tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Dress for the Role You Want

You still need to dress for the role you want…waist up at least. If you have a video interview, they are still going to see your torso and you will still want to make a good impression. Dressing for the role will also help the mindset shift when you are transitioning out of your pajamas.

Tea–with or without Sugar

You’ve checked your technology and your space. Now take care of yourself! Drink some soothing tea to smooth out any scratchy throat sounds, and to calm your nerves.

Papers to the Presses

Just like a face-to-face interview, you will still want to have your resume, the job posting, a notebook, and a pen. Ideally, print out the resume and job posting. Read over them briefly before the interview, and keep them next to you so you feel better prepared.

Checklist, Please

Set yourself up before the interview. Give yourself time to check your space, your internet, your lighting, and yourself. Get your papers in order and your background sorted. Review your resume and job posting one last time.


Now that you know you are ready as can be, do a quick mindfulness check. A two-to-five-minute breathing exercise can help to ground any pre-interview jitters. Breath in for 1-2-3, hold 1-2-3, and out 1-2-3-4-5. Repeat until your interviewer checks in. Good luck! You got this!