Some days we just want to go into work, get the job done and get on with our lives. And for many people that’s what they’d like every day to look like (no shame, there are many ways to get pleasure out of life that don’t involve climbing the corporate ladder). For others, however, they’re really angling for that promotion or next big raise. We’ve pulled together a list of 10 ways to impress the boss so that you can accomplish those lofty goals.

Know the Goals

Your employer likely has some big goals of their own for the company. Take some time to learn what they really are.

Get a Little Personal

Please don’t take this as an opportunity to stalk your boss on social media. However, learning a bit more about what they prefer in terms of meetings, reports and interactions can seriously help.

Don’t Forget Everyone Else

Your boss cares about how you perform on a team or while working with those under you in the company.

Skip the Water Cooler Talk

We don’t mean that you should only talk business at work (far from it). Just that if you’re a bit of a gossip, chances are good that they’re aware of that fact.

Approach with Positivity

You’re going to find that everyone around you, your boss included, tends to respond well to a positive attitude.

Take Corrections Well

You’re not perfect. You can, however, get pretty good at learning from your mistakes.

Take Your Work Seriously

This is somewhat straightforward, but if you want to be taken seriously at work, you’re going to need to take your work seriously.

Step Up Strategically

Women are actually more likely to step up for jobs that don’t actually help them learn valuable skills or get a leg up. Make sure you’re not volunteering for extra work without examining the value.

Offer Solutions

Don’t be afraid to offer options when your workplace runs into problems.

Focus On Growth

Whether it’s your own growth or the growth of the company, it’s important that you’re not sitting idle as the months and years pass by.