Creativity may come and go, but it doesn’t have to stay gone. We’ve pulled together a few tips on how to keep your creative juices flowing.

Carry A Notebook with You

Creativity doesn’t strike when it’s most convenient, it happens at any time and place. And sometimes that’s the shower.


Letting the thoughts just flow out of you may produce something interesting. It also just gets you into good habits around writing and creativity.

Practice It

Like Freewriting, other forms of creativity aren’t just earned through moments of inspiration. It’s also quite a bit of perspiration, as the old saying goes.

Listen to Something New

Listening to a new genre of music, artist or song can help you shift how you’re thinking and break out of ruts.

Make Room for Mistakes

So much creativity is stifled by the fear of making a mistake or messing up.

Make Sure to Finish It

If you find yourself giving up halfway through something several times in a row, it’s time to buckle up and figure out how to finish.

Organize Your Workspace

Foe some, they work best in a bit of clutter. Others really do need fewer distractions.

Set Restrictions

Have you ever heard someone say that the best movie a certain director produced was made with a limited budget? Setting restrictions can force you to get creative.

Capitalize on Emotions

There’s a reason why so many artists have created famous works during low periods of their lives. If you’re not feeling great, see if creativity can be an outlet.

More Blue

The color blue may actually spark creativity in people, so see if surrounding yourself in it helps.