About Us

Welcome to the Robinhood of Life Insurance! We’re trying to change how people view life insurance. Instead of some unattainable step in the distant future or a morbid idea to avoid, we’re making it a simple part of living well. Just like how you keep yourself and your family safe with healthy(ish) lifestyle choices and good financial decisions, life insurance helps protect the people you love most.

Avibra combines those aspects of living well, offering an intelligent AI-based life advisor we affectionately call Arya. She’ll highlight all the good habits you already have, like paying your bills on time or maximizing your professional network, and reward you for them with an increase in your life insurance coverage.

You can also earn more by taking some of Avibra’s lifestyle quizzes. They’ll teach you a bit about improving your habits in small ways. The app isn’t just a solo experience, either! We’re building a community of friends and family who can help their loved ones earn more life insurance coverage simply with their own good habits. Pretty cool, huh?