Avibra Enters Health-tech Space with Partnership with RISE Science App

NEW YORK, NY. Dec 30, 2022 / Avibra is excited to announce their first partnership in the health-tech space with RISE, the international energy and sleep tracking app created by a team of sleep experts at Rise Science. With this partnership, subscribers to the RISE app will receive $10,000 in Accident Death & Dismemberment insurance immediately with the ability to earn $5,000 additional AD&D and Life Insurance coverage through their good habits, all at no extra cost.

Avibra and RISE saw the connection between bad sleeping habits caused by stress and the ability to alleviate some of that stress with the protection and peace of mind that AD&D and Life Insurance can provide. Avibra’s app not only provides coverage to these users, it builds on the concepts of RISE good sleep habits through a gamification of additional coverage. Avibra users earn more coverage when they interact with the app’s Well-Being Advisor through activities like short meditation and yoga sessions, journaling, disaster preparedness courses or linking their fitness trackers.

“Adding Avibra’s insurance to our RISE subscription was a no-brainer,” says RISE’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jeff Kahn. “So much of bad sleep stems from everyday stressors, and finances are a big part of that. Our subscribers can now rest (and sleep!) easier knowing their loved ones will be taken care of.”

Avibra currently partners with popular companies in the Fintech, Retail and Gig spaces and are excited to expand to health-tech where there is a common mission and vision.