Stress is one of the most common issues plaguing the average American these days. While it seems innocuous enough, the truth is that maintaining a high level of stress at all times can seriously impact your health and well-being. Stress can look different for everyone, as can the ways to de-stress. We’ve pulled together a list of the top ways to chill out that have some scientific reasons behind them.

Take a Walk

It doesn’t need to be a power walk or last for an hour to have some positive benefits.

Take a Few Breaths

You don’t have to full-on meditate, just take some deep breaths when you can.

Grab a Snack

Munch on something healthy to conquer the hanger.

Go Screen-Free

Take a little digital detox to cut down on the everyday anxiety caused by the endless scrolling.

Green Time

Whether you’re buying your own house plants or simply taking advantage of the great out doors, make flora a part of your life.

Turn Up the Jams

Listen to music you enjoy. Dancing is optional but highly suggested!

Grab a Stick of Gum

That’s right, something as simple as chewing on gum can help you de-stress.

Make Time for Friends

These are the people who make you feel your best when you’re at your worst.

Grab a Banana

That potassium will help, plus bananas are just downright delicious.

Make Something

Trust us, you really don’t have to be a professional artist or artisan to just sit down and make something with your own hands.