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It’s important to take your long-lasting relationships seriously, whether they’re between you and a romantic partner or friends and family. Good relationships that last for decades don’t just happen by accident, though. The building blocks for them are important to start off with, and the maintenance required over the years is a vital part of a nurturing partnership. We’ve pulled together a few tips on creating and maintaining long-term relationships.

Approach with Intention

Take the relationship seriously enough to approach it intentionally.

Understand Differences

No matter how close you become, you’ll never see perfectly eye-to-eye on every topic.

Openly Communicate

You don’t need to lead your partner or friend on a merry chase to pin down your emotional state. Just tell them what’s going on.

Pick Up the Cues

On the flip side, understand that not everyone will be perfect at identifying their own emotions all of the time. You might need to pick up on some cues to help them out.

Avoid Autopilot

All relationships take some amount of work to maintain. Don’t neglect yours!

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Make Trust a Priority

Trust between partners, friends and family is important for all relationships.

Know When to Quit

Everyone has boundaries. Identify and communicate what yours are. Listen when the other person tells you about theirs.

Respect Privacy

Similar to the boundaries issue, know that you’re not entitled to know every thought that passes through their head.

Fight Right

Conflicts will happen. The important part is knowing how to deal with them in a healthy way.

Be Willing to Compromise

No relationship should only follow the whims of one of the parties 100% of the time. Get ready to meet the other person closer to the middle.

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