What is Micro Life Insurance?

Micro Life Insurance is a brand new type of benefit that was created for you by Avibra. It’s embedded as one of the benefits of your Avibra membership bundle.

Micro Life Insurance is a type of term life insurance that gives a benefit payment to your beneficiaries if you die during your active membership period. Micro Life Insurance pays out in a single lump sum to whoever you list as your beneficiary. There are no restrictions on what your beneficiaries can use your life insurance money for.

Your Micro Life Insurance is increased weekly based on your good habits. You have plenty of opportunities to increase your coverage simply by improving your financial, physical, career, social and community well-being through engaging with various in-app activities.

What Kind of Benefits Does Micro Life Insurance Provide?

Micro Life Insurance helps you protect the people who rely on you financially. There aren’t any restrictions on what they can use your life insurance money for, so you’re free to plan your life the way you want and need. Who are just a few of the people can you protect with life insurance?

  • Older parents you support
  • Children, whether you’re married or not
  • A child’s guardian
  • A stay-at-home parent
  • A partner you live with
  • Your spouse
  • Your best friend
  • A special needs child
  • A sibling you’re helping pay for college
  • Your business partner
  • Someone you cosigned a loan or other debt with
  • The person who would be paying for your funeral
  • Even a charity you help support

When Would Your Micro Life Insurance Payout Happen?

Your Micro Life Insurance payout only triggers upon your death. It’s crafted specifically to protect you and your loved ones when you’re gone. That’s why it’s important to make sure your beneficiary knows about your policy.

Does Micro Life Insurance Cover Any Pandemic Event?

Yes, death due to pandemic-related events are covered under your Micro Life Insurance policy.