How Shopping at Target Can Improve Your Wellbeing

You can find any number of Millennials who probably make jokes on the daily about their undying love of Target. Between those little dollar bins at the front of the store that remind you just how cute your table would look with a felt pumpkin on it and the surprisingly comfortable shoes, they’ve captured young hearts. But beyond the offhand remarks about overspending on a trip to Target, are there benefits to being in their target (pardon the pun) demographic?

Here at Avibra, we’re all about finding the good in your everyday habits. We look at how specific brands and companies can positively impact people’s lives and try to apply our well-being lens to the habits they encourage. We then apply our own litmus test so that we can reward people with no-cost life insurance coverage.

And while a trip to the store isn’t exactly a money-saving endeavor every time, Target is no slouch in the well-being department. It’s one of the most popular brands among Millennials, and it takes that role seriously. Let’s dig into some of the benefits of shopping at this commercial juggernaut.Earning Life Insurance Just By Shopping at Target | Avibra Blog


This one is pretty much a gimme. Target has been doing a ton of work behind the scenes to partner with healthy food initiatives. They’ve been making those health swaps for snacks at the checkout stand and adding sustainable products to their shelves. Their workout clothes are one of the best low-cost options for hitting the gym, too. If you’re concerned about harmful chemicals in your foods, they have you covered there as well with tightened standards. It’s not just about the items they sell, though. Target reinvests into their community, through organizations that promote physical activity and healthy food options for kids and families. Even Target employees are encouraged to take a more active approach to their own well-being.


While you should always be careful of overspending at Target (or any other store, really) they at least have some pretty nice financial perks. Their store card does offer 5% off your purchases — just remember to pay it in full every month! They also have a pretty stellar return policy as well. At the end of the day, we all have to shop somewhere. Target can be a great option for some of those necessities of life.

Earning Life Insurance Just By Shopping at Target | Avibra Blog

Social Impact

We mentioned above that Target has some great community outreach programs that they partner with to tackle health and wellness. Their special programs extend far beyond those, though. From education and public safety grants to encouraging employees to volunteer their time, Target’s community impact is huge.


Target has really turned into this fun cultural touch point for so many Millennials. There’s the Target date night. Instagram has an account dedicated to TargetMoms. Just ask a Millennial if they’ve ever turned to Target after a bad day.

Professional Growth

Professional growth can come in so many ways. For employees of Target, their encouragement of volunteerism is great for your resume. Even better is that Target offers scholarships, grants, internships, and other educational perks for student-employees.

Remember, good habits come in many forms. At Avibra, we’re not here to just reward the most basic behaviors, like eating your vegetables. A life well-lived comes in many shapes and sizes.


Avibra is a refreshing approach towards life well-being and insurance, and we believe in helping people live a good life. Part of our goal is to embed protection (i.e. insurance) into every phase of your journey, and what better way to start than with one of most precious things in this world — your life and your loved ones. Check out our website to learn more about us and don’t forget to sign up for our free plan that allows you to earn life insurance simply by living well.