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You don’t need to hit the gym to keep up a healthy lifestyle. There are always options to get a little physical activity done, even within some cramped quarters. Whether you’re more of a yoga person or you’re into working up a serious sweat, we’ve pulled together some interesting options to fit into your routine. As always, check with a doc to make sure your workout plan works well with your individual health.

Hit Up YouTube

YouTube has so many great workouts for free. If you haven’t tried it yet, start one up and get to it.

Challenge Your Partner

A little competition doesn’t hurt. Challenge a spouse, partner, roommate or anyone else in the house to a certain number of reps.

Throw On Some Music

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to do a set workout, close the blinds, draw the curtains and put on some tunes to dance to.

Interactive Gaming

Whether its Twister, charades, DDR, a VR system or a Wii game, might as well be up and about while playing.

Double Up

Do you have trouble paying attention while watching TV? On your phone while also playing a Netflix movie? That’s the perfect time to add a little physical activity.

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Active Hobbies

Some hobbies require more physical activity than others. Gardening is a great example.

Pillow Fight

Have kids at home? Maybe it IS time for a little horsing around.


That’s right, it’s time to finally move the couch. Put your desk facing the window. Turn the bed 90 degrees.


Have a pet? Make some time every day to actively play with them. Dogs are especially great for this, but you can certainly get many a cat to play with you, too.

Tidy Up

Got stairs? You’ll be all tuckered out before you know it.

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