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If you’ve ever gone into an interview feeling uncertain about the outcome, you’re certainly not alone. Want to learn how to conquer those fears and rock your next interview? We’ve pulled together some tips on impressing a potential employer, from your cover letter on through to what you do after you’ve left the interview chair.

Write a Job-Specific Cover Letter

Make sure you’re writing a cover letter that addresses the specific needs of the job you’re applying to and how you’re qualified for the position.

Lead With the Positives

Don’t be afraid to talk about your personal and professional strengths.

Practice for Phone Calls

Get used to talking on the phone for screening interviews as they become more common.

Do Your Research Beforehand

It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about the company, department and position you’re applying to before your interview.

Prepare for Common Questions

Think about what you’d say when asked to tell an interview about yourself and your skills.

Ask Questions of Your Own

Show that you’ve really thought about the position and the company you’d be working for.

Do a Practice Round with a Friend

Run through answering those common questions to smooth out your responses.

Go In with Confidence

Remember that they chose YOU to interview, so keep that in mind when you’re sitting down with the interviewer.

A Good Night’s Sleep & A Meal

As with most things, your interview will benefit from you getting a good night’s sleep and a nutritious meal beforehand.

Follow Up With a Thank You

Whether it’s an email, a physical note or a call, it’s a good idea to thank an interviewer for their time.

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