While every argument probably looks a little different, there’s a good chance it falls into a few (relatively) simple categories. When you start thinking in terms of which types of arguments you have regularly with your partner, it may be a little easier to cut down on the fighting. We’ve pulled together a list of those common argument topics to get you thinking about it a bit more.

The ‘Little Things’ Fight

Did one of you leave the bag of chips open overnight? Pet peeves can often feel much bigger for one person in the relationship.


This is one of the most obvious reasons couples fight. Indeed, it’s a leading cause of divorce in the US. Whether it’s short term spending problems or long term mismatched goals, money is a major cause of relationship stress.

Unbalanced Responsibilities

If one person (or even both of you) in a relationship feels like the other never pulls their weight, that resentment is going to come up again and again.

Unexpressed Emotions

If one of you isn’t able to express how they feel, it’s tough for both of you to understand how to have a positive relationship.


If one of you is always on their phone, the other may not feel terribly important.

Misplaced Stress

Mad about a work thing? Letting it bleed into your personal life too much can be damaging for both of you.

Unclear Expectations

How many of your fights have started because you assumed that your partner just knew what you were expecting of them?

Too High Expectations

If your stated relationship expectations are too high, your partner is likely going to be unable to meet them at all times.

Carry-Over Fights

Carrying anger and resentment from the last fight into the current one can turn a molehill into a mountain.

Jealousy and Envy

This includes more than just concerns that a partner is unfaithful. Perhaps they’re envious of the amount of free time you always seem to have.