‘Tis the season to save! Just kidding, it’s always a good time to get your financial house in order. Your credit card is tired, that dollar in your savings account is feeling a little lonely and you kind want to stop crossing your fingers when you buy your groceries. Look, you’re not alone here. Tons of Americans are looking for ways to trim the budget, so let’s look at a few new ideas.

Streaming TV? Try the Library

Look, no one is watching the same episode of TV to talk around the water cooler these days. Wait for that season to come out on DVD at your local library.

Bring Back DDs

Remember a time before Uber or Lyft, when no one really used taxis and you just had to designate a driver for the evening who would drop people off at the end of the night?

Spend Less On Coffee Than On Savings

Look, your weekly coffee habit isn’t killing your budget, but it is a little silly to spend that much money on a cup of joe if you’re not also willing to tuck the same amount away in savings.

Don’t Buy Things You Won’t Wear

If you’re pretty happy with your current footwear, buying new shoes is kind of strange. Are you really going to choose the new, uncomfortable pair over ones that actually feel comfortable?

Luxury Versions

That fancy new tapas place charges 5 times what your favorite taco joint does for the same dish. Is it 5 times better? Probably not. Your fancy gym also isn’t all that special.

Less Is More

Why do we automatically assume that when we’re feeling stressed out we need to find something to fill an empty place in our lives? Maybe we need to subtract, not add.


This one is especially true for household products and cleaners. While some people have specialized cleaners for their 6 different baroque Scandinavian minimalist mid-century modern side tables, many of us just want to wipe the ketchup off the counter.

Single Use Anything

These items are usually more packaging than product.

Fees For Forgetting

Whether it’s expedited shipping or forgetting to cancel a membership before it renews, it’s time to stop paying a premium for things that you let slip your mind.


Just kidding. This is a reminder that the things people get yelled at for spending money on are occasionally quite random and you can ignore them.