With some students heading back to school right now, many are looking for ways to keep costs as low as possible. While COVID-19 is contributing to financial strain, people in college are well-known for their needs to save money. We’ve pulled together a list of ten free resources that college students can turn to both now and in the future.


Need help figuring out a math question? WoframAlpha is like Google, but for equations, statistics and the like. It has other information as well, though the math part makes it really unique. A great answer on whether the Easter Bunny exists, too.

Check Out Weird Things from the Library

Sure, you already knew about the books and audiobooks as well as DVDs and CDs. But did you know that some libraries allow you to check out tools, recreational equipment and tickets to places?

Google Scholar

If you’ve ever had to struggle to get access to a journal, you know that Google Scholar can occasionally serve up some gems. Plus, they show you how to properly cite the source in a few different ways. If you can’t get access, ask the library to do a loan request from another university. Or email the author directly!

Use What You Paid For

Many schools make students pay a fee for amenities. Make sure you get the most out of the fee you’re already required to pay.

Scholarship Aid

Your college probably has an entire office (or at least a person) whose entire job is trying to figure out how to get you free money through scholarships.


See if you can get access to pricey software, either on your own computer or on a shared campus one.

Open Source Textbooks

Check to see if there’s an open source version of the books on your list for the semester or quarter. You may be able to get by without spending a dime on them.

Use the ‘Life After College’ Resources

There are likely people at your school dedicated to making sure you succeed after school. After all, they want you to do well so that you can go on to become one of those donors. They can offer you networking and mentorship opportunities.

Check for Discounts On What You Already Pay

See if your car insurance will offer a break on rates for good grades. Check if your monthly subscriptions have a student discount.

Mental & Physical Health Centers

Depending on the campus and insurance, these are often free or low cost (or they can point you in the direction of something free or low cost). Your health needs to take top priority.