When we say work skills, most people think computer programming or a special license. But working generally requires some interpersonal skills, too. We’ve pulled together a list of people skills for you to master for work.


Whether you’re the one setting out tasks or you’re trying to figure out what a manager wants, clear communication skills will help prevent issues.


You know what’s not a flattering look? Being impatient at work. Learn to keep a level head at work and communicate required timelines without bringing the whole mood down.

Active Listening

How many times have you been talking to your boss and they seem concerned that you haven’t heard a word they’ve said. Active listening is a skill that lets them know they don’t need to worry about it.


This doesn’t mean being ‘flexible’ enough to come in on your off days. It means flexible when the plans need to change at work.


Sometimes, you may need to stand up and argue for your point of view at work.


This will help you in several ways, including negotiating for a raise down the road.

A Sense of Humor

Let’s get this out of the way: sexist jokes or harassment still aren’t funny. Being able to diffuse a tense situation at work with a little humor, however, can be useful.

Body Language

Understand other people’s body language and know what sort of vibes you’re giving off as well.

Basic Manners

You don’t have to automatically start calling everyone ma’am or sir, but a basic understanding of workplace etiquette will help keep you out of hot water.


Your coworkers and managers are people, too. Learn how to interact in ways that shows empathy.