Job hunting can be a grueling experience. Whether you’ve recently lost a job, are trying to re-enter the workplace or are simply looking for a better opportunity, the veritable minefield of employment opportunities and pitfalls can be scary. We’ve pulled together some tips on finding a job in today’s world.

Be Willing to Make Do Occasionally

Not every job you’ll work in your life will match all your dreams. If it’s helping you build important skills or adding to a resume, it’s still likely worth it.

Have Thick Skin

There are a million factors that play into who gets an interview or gets hired. Depending on how many people want the same job, you may be facing quite a few rejections along the way.

Use Your Social Network

It really is about who you know sometimes. See if your social network can help you find leads on jobs.

Alumni Networking

Does your alma mater have a networking board? Communicate your desire for a new job on there.

Always Be Job Hunting

It would be nice to assume that you’re in the best position you could be right now, but the truth is that many companies won’t hesitate to do what’s best for them, including let you go.

Hunt Intelligently

Have any companies recently expanded in your area or acquired new funding? They’re likely hiring soon.

Get Mathematical

If you want to prove your worth on a resume or cover letter, get ready to bust out your calculator. Hard numbers help people see just how valuable you could be.

Get Specific

Be highly specific on resumes and in interviews about how you made your workplace function better.

It’s Not All Me, Me, Me

Your future employer doesn’t just want to know more about you, they need to be able to envision how you’d fit into their company.

Accrue Facts

Writing your resume is infinitely harder if you’re not keeping track of your accomplishments as you go.