Interviewing can really make people feel like bugs under a microscope. You’re often feeling, well, judged and it can feel like every misstep is the final nail in your coffin. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you nail the interview.

Know the Company

There’s a good chance you’ll be asked questions that are specific to the company you’re interviewing at. At least look up enough about them to be able to discuss this specific job at this specific company.

Know the Job Description

This is especially important if there’s any sort of HR screening going on. They’re often looking for pretty specific items off a list.

Know Common Questions

And have the answers prepared! You can look up common questions for your industry or just a general list. You can even research good ways to answer them, too.

Be Prepared to Talk Numbers

Salary negotiations can catch you by surprise if you don’t know to expect them. Look up the common ranges for your position (ideally in your area, too) and don’t ask for the minimum unless there are extenuating circumstances.

The STAR Method

You may be asked about how you handled a certain type of event in the past. When you answer, think of the STAR Method (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

Arrive Early

30 minutes early is awkward. 10 minutes late, however, is worse. Try not to just slouch in a corner on your phone when you do arrive early, too.

Understand Biases

There are certain biases that are common for others to hold. That doesn’t make them okay, but it is important to be aware of them so that you can work against them in the other person’s head.

Be Ready with Examples

Try to think of a few big examples where you’ve stood out at work before. You can often connect some dots when the interviewer asks for an example.

Be Positive

No matter how toxic your last workplace was, it’s unlikely to work in your favor if you’re spending your interview complaining about it.

Ask About Next Steps

Make it clear that you’re interested in moving forward in the process and get an idea of what to expect next.