When it seems like you’re not able to control everything going on around you, it can be helpful to take the reins on what you can. Keeping up with a regular schedule is a pretty good way to stick with good habits, too. We’ve pulled together a list of tips to help you stick with a normal schedule even in abnormal times of life.

Look at it As Part of Your Mental Health

We’re all getting a bit more comfortable these days with admitting that good mental health takes hard work sometimes. Try looking at your schedule as all the edge pieces in the puzzle.

Quit Multitasking So Much

Try giving each task in your schedule your undivided attention instead of constantly splitting it up. For parents, this might mean only doing three things at once instead of four.

Schedule Fun

Don’t just rely on the end of a work day to signal that it’s now time to have fun. Actually put that stuff into your calendar with a time slot, a name and everything else that goes along with an appointment.

Acknowledge Unproductive Times

You don’t have to be ‘on’ every second of every day, though. We seem to have gotten to a place in our culture where we’re ashamed of being unproductive.

Be Realistic with Yourself (and Your Family)

Yes, we’re talking to you: the person who’s determined to treat every schedule they’ve ever created as a glass that needs to be totally full for true happiness.

Figure Out Your Distractions

Twitter. Instagram. Those 50 open tabs in your browser. If you end up going down endless rabbit holes that totally throw off your schedule, it might be time to start identifying them.

Get Your Family’s Buy-In

It’s hard to stick to a schedule if the person or people you live with aren’t on board.

Start with the Foundations

Food and sleep are going to be the major ones here. Throw in a few glasses of water. Maybe a way to move your body that works for you. It’s amazing what you actually can accomplish when you meet these needs.

Plan Days, Plan Weeks

The way you plan your day depends on how you plan your week. Some people feel energized on Monday and want to get everything done. Others build up to productive Fridays.

Stick with It

Most experiments are going to take more than a day for you to see results, and this one is no different.