The kitchen is a central part of any home. It’s where we cook for friends and family, where we socialize, and where we create memories. An organized kitchen can make all the difference whether you’re prepping for a dinner party or trying to prep meals for the work week. Here are 10 tips for organizing your kitchen.

Assess Your Needs

Before you decide to reorganize your kitchen, look around. What do you like and dislike? Figure out your needs before buying any organization items.

Everything Has a Place

Create a place for everything in your kitchen so you can easily find the items you need.

Create a Flow

The way you organize your kitchen should depend on how you use your kitchen. When you’re cooking a meal, think about the most convenient places for your frequently used items. Organize your kitchen intuitively based on your habits.

Maximize Space

It’s easy for a kitchen to get cluttered with all the appliances and utensils available. Make the most of your kitchen storage space by using things like stackable shelving, pot and pan lid holders, hooks, and baskets.

Get Rid of Clutter

Sometimes items accumulate in our kitchen drawers. Sort through the items you have and get rid of unnecessary clutter and extras that take up space and never get used.

Ditch Bulky Packaging in the Pantry

Many pantry items come in bulky packaging. When you get groceries, remove items from their bulky packages and put them in smaller airtight containers instead.

Start Labeling

Make it easy to keep your kitchen organized by labeling where things go. That way you can find what you’re looking for with just a quick glance.

Clean as You Go

It’s a lot easier to organize a clean kitchen than it is a messy one. Make it a habit to clean as you go when you’re cooking so it’s less overwhelming when it’s time to put things away.

Create a Kitchen Command Center

This will be where you have designated areas for calendars, mail, schedules, appointment reminders, emergency phone numbers, and other similar items. Not only will this keep paper clutter from taking over your counters, it will also help organize your life.

Involve Your Family or Roommates

It’s great to organize your kitchen, but it will never last if your family or roommates don’t understand where things go. Make sure everyone is on board with the changes so your organized kitchen stays organized!