Are you starting a new (or your first!) full time job? Making a transition like that can be stressful, especially if you’ve recently moved to a new area, have switched career paths or are in the middle of a big transition from school to work. We have 10 tips to help you succeed in your first day on the job so you can go in feeling prepared.

Learn About Your New Employer

It can be helpful to know more about the work culture before you step foot in the place (or insert foot into mouth accidentally).

Do the Reading

You’ve been hearing it all your life and it’s still just as true! If you received any paperwork before you’re to start, read it.

Know Your Role

For some jobs, your duties are clearly defined and obvious. For others they may be a little more murky.

Expect the Unexpected

Look, it’s your first day. It’s their first day with you. Things are bound to be a little out of the ordinary!

Be Prepared

Something to take notes with will make your life easier and it will put your manager’s mind at ease.

Dress Up

Hopefully you’ve gotten an idea of what people generally wear to your new job. If it’s a uniform, you’re covered (whew). However, it’s easier on you if you accidentally dress a little too fancy that first day than if you show up looking like you’re not ready for your new role.

Be Ready to Eat Out

Having backup snacks is a good idea, but it’s also a good idea to be prepared for a meal out with your new coworkers to break the ice.

Don’t Wander

Obviously this only really applies in your first day or so of work, but make sure your manager doesn’t lose track of you when you head out for a restroom break!

Learn About Ask Questions

But recognize when you’re bogging down an orientation and make notes to yourself to ask later, if necessary.

Have a Plan for Downtime

There may be stretches where the person showing you the ropes is busy. Have a plan to be (or at least look) busy yourself.