The job of parenting can be a tough one…especially when your kid can finally start getting into more places than before. We’ve pulled together a few tips to help you childproof your home.

Watch Out for Candles

Candles can be a bit of an issue, even when they’re unlit. A sugar cookie scented one may entice a toddler to give it a taste.

Hot Water Settings

Trying to potty train? Make sure the water that comes out of the hot tap won’t be scalding but adjusting the water heater setting down a bit.

Skip Tablecloths

When kids are trying to stand early on, they often grab for whatever is closest to pull themselves up. Tablecloths may mean the centerpiece comes crashing down on them.

Bathroom Blockades

Make sure you have a reliable way to keep kids out of the bathrooms, like a handle cage. Between medications, razors, water and more, they can do quite a bit of injury to themselves.

Attach Tippable Furniture to Walls

Tall bookcases seem sturdy when it’s just adults in the house, but add kids to the mix and they suddenly find ways to reenact that scene from the beginning of The Mummy.

Cover Sockets

This is probably one of the best known babyproofing steps. Sockets often seem like the prefect receptacle for a fork.

Keep Window Blind Cords Out of Reach

You can add a hook to the wall to hang them up, or opt to swap to the cordless blinds. The cord can get wrapped around an exploring kid’s neck.

Know Where Cleaning Products Are

That includes sprays for the counters in the kitchen, detergent in the laundry room, toilet bowl cleaner in the bathroom, window cleaning spray in the hall closet and more.

Watch Those Corners

Coffee tables are a big one, especially since they’re at a lower height than most other tables in the home. There are little corner protectors you can buy if you’re concerned about bonks on the head.

Window Guards

Toddlers can be surprisingly wily. If you’re concerned about them falling out of a second story window, look into window guards. There are versions that screw in and others that use suction if you’re renting.