We often talk about how to apply for a job, get ahead in a job and make the most of a job. But people often also want to look at the trajectory of their whole lives with respect to their career. Indeed, finding a career that suits you can feel much more daunting than an individual job. We’ve pulled together 10 tips to help you choose a career.

Think About Your Goals

Do you want to help people? Travel? Make money hand over fist? Each of these may indicate different career paths.

Embrace Your Work Style

Whether you thrive when working from home or require more structure, what you do as a career can work with or against your work style.

Soft Skills

So-called ‘soft skills’ are ones like leadership and teamwork.

Know Your Aptitudes

Some things may come easier to you as far as ‘hard skills’ are concerned. While they don’t need to shape your entire career, they can offer you good insight into what you may enjoy.

Don’t Forget Your Values

You’re running headlong into burnout working in a career that goes against your personal values.

Ask Questions

You don’t have to look at careers you have no familiarity with as complete mysteries. Ask (polite) questions of the people who work in that industry.

Be Open to Change

What you’re good at when you’re 20 may not be what you excel at when your 40.


Have you ever heard of a job and realized that you didn’t even know it existed? Be prepared to do some research!

Use Opportunities

Volunteer work, small jobs and free classes can all provide opportunities to dip your toe into new fields.

Examine Your Idols

Who do you admire and why? Is it because they’re doing something you wish you were doing, too?