Most of us are guilty of falling into the trap of failing to put much energy into our romantic relationships. While it probably shouldn’t feel like a constant life-or-death struggle to get along with your partner, it’s not necessarily something that can survive indefinite autopilot either. We’ve pulled together a list of somewhat more unusual tips for you to consider to improve your romantic relationship.

A Bed Breakup

It may not be the 17th century, but separate bedrooms doesn’t have to be the last stop on the way to divorce. Sleep is one of the biggest contributing factors to both our physical and mental health. If you and your partner have been ruining the other’s zzz’s since day one, consider trying separate sleep situations.

Or a Bed Makeup

On the flip side, you may find that starting the habit of going to bed at the same time every night brings you closer together. Plus, no one gets woken up by the other person coming to bed.

Double Date

There’s a little bit of research behind this one! Going on a double date may actually inspire you to feel a bit more romantic toward your own partner.

Watch a Terrible Rom-Com

We’re not here to say that rom-coms as a genre are bad. Even the biggest rom-com fans have to admit, there have certainly been some real stinkers. Make some popcorn and get ready to feel superior to the on screen couple in every way.

Don’t Talk for a While

If you’ve been seeing plenty of the other person lately, consider skipping daily chats for a bit. Maybe it coincides with a solo trip or a particularly busy time at work. Let your partner know that you won’t be communicating as much, of course. A little bit of absence will allow you to miss them, plus you’ll hopefully have a few interesting stories to tell.

Do Something Scary Together

A scary movie. A scary life thing. Some scary skydiving. Just spend a few hours doing something frightening with your partner to really remind you of the benefits of having someone by your side in life.

Screen Rules

If you’re in anything resembling a modern relationship, you’ve likely run into this problem. Consider making the bedroom or the dinner table a no screen zone, or set up a screen-free hour each day.

Exercise Together

Try getting your sweat on together. Working toward a common general goal (like getting stronger) can be beneficial.

Schedule Intimacy

We don’t need to get into the specifics, but it’s okay if your intimate moments aren’t all that spontaneous.

Get Some Perspective

While you may not want to ‘trash talk’ your partner to others, it can be useful to have a person outside the relationship who acts as a sounding board to give you perspective. If you don’t feel comfortable with having it be a friend or a relative, you can always reach out to a therapist.