There are plenty of reasons you might want to be driving less. Maybe you’re spending an arm and a leg on filling the tank. You could get a little anxious behind the wheel (and honestly, who needs more stress in their lives). Perhaps you’re trying to be a little more eco-friendly. Whatever it is, we’ve pulled together a few tips to help you get there — car free.

Pick ONE Thing

For many people, they just have to laugh at the idea of walking, biking or even taking the bus to work because of where they live. What about that lunchtime jaunt to grab food, though? Pick just one little trip and skip the car.

Phone a Friend

…and ask for a ride. This is especially nice if you’re going to the same events, like a housewarming party or a local game. Bonus: only one of you has to be the designated driver.

Offer to Drive

Alright, this one only really applies if you’re trying to cut down on a group’s gas. Offer to pick people up on your way to an event. Your offer could mean fewer people having to find parking spots, too. Just make sure you’re protected with Roadside Assistance first!

Don’t Drive During Rush Hour

You’ll spend less time driving overall if you find ways to miss out on rush hour. This is what happy hours are for. Or hobbies. Even a good book or your Nintendo Switch. It’s not in the cards for everyone, but for some people it can save you from serious road rage on top of the rest.

Find a Hobby

Knitting. Catching up on sports recaps. Reading. Video games. Basket making. It’s honestly harder to go back to driving yourself when you get to do something you enjoy on public transit.

Combine Trips

Wherever you can, try to combine your trips by car. Additionally, make sure you stock up on items you make unique trips for. You don’t want to get stuck making a trip to Petsmart during rush hour because you forgot to pick up enough dog food.

Do the Math

It can cost a small fortune to pay for just a parking space in some parts of the country, let alone a car. See if it’s actually cheaper to rent a car a few days a month than it would be to own one.

Vacation Local

Look, the stay-cation is here to…well, stay. Think about swapping a longer road trip for something a little closer to home. Plus, if you forget something at home, you’re right there to correct the mistake.

Work from Home

This isn’t an option for many people. But if it is, now may be the time to start the conversation at work. Approach a manager and ask what might be required on your end to get the ball rolling.

Throw a Party

Hey, the host of a party isn’t the one who has to drive home at the end of the night!