While pets are an awesome addition to your home, they can also be a bit of a drain on the finances. There are all the regular costs to worry about as well as those occasional surprises (like coming home to find an upended trash can). We’ve pulled together a list of ways to help you save money on your pets.

Groom Your Pet at Home

This may not work for every pet, but you can probably manage much of their grooming needs on your own. Trimming nails can be a tricky one, since failing to keep them short can lead to some pretty bad health issues in some pets. You don’t have to get them the full spa treatment when you take them in for that, though.

Make Their Toys

Do you want to see your cat chase around a tiny Thor? We all do, honestly. However, your cat probably just likes playing in the shipping box it came in.

Focus on Prevention

It’s way cheaper to get your pet vaccinated every so often compared to an overnight stay at an emergency clinic. Treatments for more serious illnesses are also often much less expensive when you catch them earlier on.

Swap Pet Watching Duties

It’s expensive to board a pet while you’re out of town. Set up a system with another pet owner to swap pet watching duties.

Spay & Neuter

If you think one pet is expensive, imagine how much it costs to suddenly have a litter. You can’t exactly adopt them out right away, either.

Keep Them Active

Obesity can be an expensive thing to manage for pets, especially with how big of an effect just a few extra pounds may have on their little frame.

Bulk Buy

Many pet-related items are cheaper in larger quantities, such as food and certain medications. If you’re pretty comfortable in your habits with them, buy in large quantities where you can.


You can get a pet from a local shelter for about 1% of the cost compared to a breeder in many cases. Plus, you get to give a pet in need a loving home.

Train Them Well

Know what’s expensive? Cleaning up or replacing a ruined carpet. Or having to pay the neighbor dog’s vet bill. Focus on training out those more expensive bad habits where you can.

Get Pet Insurance

Many pet owners are unsure about whether or not they should get pet insurance. If you’d be willing to slap a few grand on a credit card to save your pet’s life, you may want to look into pet insurance.