Whether you’re hitting a big marriage milestone or are romantically unattached come February 14th, it can be fun to take advantage of the themed fun. After all, we could all use a little more celebrating of love these days. With busy schedules and hectic lives, slowing down to enjoy a moment with people you love — including yourself — is an admirable way to spend a day. We’ve come up with a few suggestions in case you’d like to mark the occasion, but aren’t sure how to go about doing it.

Rest & Recharge

What if you decided to take an evening off? From everything (as much as is possible)? A common problem when we’re trying to relax is letting those doubts and stresses of life creep back in. The guilt over not getting a task down. Shame about an incomplete to-do list. Instead, take some time where you consciously and firmly set responsibilities aside and enjoy it. You don’t have to sit in a dark room for 5 hours, but you do have to kick those normal worries to the curb. If you’re spending Valentines Day with a loved one (or ones), make sure they know what the plan is in advance and make it clear that you’d like a low-key day.

Show Someone Your Care

If you personally enjoy making other people in your life feel particularly special and cherished, Valentine’s Day presents a great opportunity for that. This doesn’t have to mean spending outside of your means on an expensive gift for your spouse or treating your friends to a pricey round of drinks on a night out. Plan a meaningful and thoughtful way to say ‘I love you’ to the wonderful people in your life. Maybe you could call a parent and tell them about your week. Or perhaps you could ask your kids for an idea on their ideal outing as a family. If presents are something you enjoy giving, give something with sentimental value.

Surround Yourself With Love

Galentine’s Days are gaining popularity these days, and for good reason. With our busy lives, making time to nurture friendships of all kinds can feed the soul in unique ways. For people in a relationship, it might be time to pull out that mental list of your favorite shared activities. Those with children can have great conversations about healthy and happy romantic partnerships, too.

Valentine’s Day certainly has an interesting place in a modern society — especially one where any holiday has been monetized up to its eyeballs. Love and its many forms, however, will never go out of style.