Many of us are spending more time indoors these days. Whether you’re heading to work each day or you only leave the house to stock up on Kit Kats and bottles of wine, you’re likely limited in what you can do while you’re out and about. This has been leading to many of us realizing that we’re actually capable of quite a bit when we’re left to our own devices. These are some of our favorites.

Your Hair

This one has several levels of difficulty, from the intro on the easy setting to boss fight. Hairstylists all over the place are putting out bits of advice, especially on the dreaded bang trim.


Dumbbells may be a little pricey, but there are many substitutions out there — the aforementioned bottle of wine, the book your father in law gave you on ancient history. You can also find tons of videos online using exercise bands, which are considerably less expensive.

Visiting Museums

Yes, you read that right. There are virtual tours of some really cool places out there. Plus, with Google Earth you can see even more spots you’ve never been to.

Mixing Fancy Cocktails

Okay, you knew you could do it before now. But you may not have tried it before.

Baking Bread

Okay, now that you’ve stopped laughing we can talk about your sourdough starter. Seriously though, if you’re at home more often that rise time isn’t as much of a problem anymore.

Being a Teacher (and a School Principal (and Vice Principal))

Even if you’re not directly teaching lessons to your kids, you’re still managing their education and the consequences when they throw airplanes at you.


This one can get dicey if you’re struggling with longstanding pain or injury, but let’s be honest and admit that we’ve probably had to learn how to get some knots out our partner’s backs these days. Though this might be the first thing we schedule with a professional when we can.


Whether you’re making a mask or learning to fix that hole in your work sweatpants, the needle and thread are coming out more often these days.

Tech Support

You’re probably relying more and more on technology these days, and it’s not easy to go out and buy replacements or get someone out to fix something.

Food Photographer

Actually, most of us are still bad at plating our food attractively. We appreciate the effort though, and your spaghetti definitely does not look like a bowl of worms (it does).