The spooky season is upon us! It probably looks a little different this year, though. With concerns about safety brewing, we thought we’d pull together a few ideas to celebrate Halloween that are a little different this year. We hope you and your loved ones have a safe and spooktacular Halloween weekend.

Decorate Indoors

Okay, we know what you’re going to say: I already do. Hear us out, though. What if you brought some of the outdoor decorations that normally get put up on the front lawn inside? Turn your living room into an extra spooky den to hang out in while you do other spooky things (like plan for next year’s taxes).

Get Zooming

Plan a Zoom party where you get together with friends and family far and wide. Include your parents in another state to get them in on the fun. You can show off costumes (and kids in costumes), carve pumpkins together and even tell spooky stories.

Drive Around a Decorated Neighborhood

Not every town has this, but many will have certain neighborhoods that happen to go all-out. Pile in the car and take a tour to see the fun decorations others have put up.

Outdoor Pumpkin Patch

While a crowded pumpkin patch may feel a little iffy, try picking a weekday or a less-visited time to go. You can probably call ahead and ask them about the less busy hours.

Halloween Movie Marathon

This one is especially fun if you’ve gone all out on decorating the inside of your house. Pick a few movies in a certain theme — old monster flicks, zombie apocalypse or haunted houses are fun ones.

Get Baking

Try your hand at making some fun Halloween-themed treats. This can be extra fun to do with kids.

Candy Hide & Seek

A little bit of Halloween and a little bit of Easter. Hide some candy around the house for your kids to find. Bonus points if you dig out all your orange and purple eggs from Halloween.

Virtually Watch All the Halloween Episodes

Get together with your friends online and watch all the Halloween episodes of your favorite TV shows together.

Costume Bicycle Parades

That’s right, some cities are organizing these events and they sound real cute. Get dressed up in your Halloween best and pedal around.

Boo Your Neighbors

Do a contact-less drop off of a Halloween gift basket to a few neighbors to make sure they have a treat-filled holiday too. No tricks allowed, try again in 2021.