While many people out there are more busy than ever, some of us are trying to find interesting ways to fill our time. If you’ve been searching for your next big hobby, we’re here to help with some suggestions to add to your list. Dust off some old supplies and get your heart and mind engaged.


We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to start out with the most obvious one right now. Whether it’s a sourdough starter or a no-knead recipe, plenty of people are realizing that more time at home means they can handle the long lulls involved in bread-making.


Pull out the one you have buried in a closet and throw on an audiobook, a podcast or some music. It’s okay if you lose some pieces, you’ll find them somehow in six months.


Have access to your own outdoor grill? Now’s the time to finally read up on the best way to get the perfect char on your steak. Bonus points for finally using the smoker you got for your birthday, too.

Playing an Instrument

Become the concert banjoist your heart has always secretly desired. (Your mileage may vary on how long this takes.)

Animal Training

Have a pet at home? See if you can finally train them to stay out of the bathroom while you’re using it.

Fixing Things

Whether it’s changing the oil on your car or sewing up a rip in an item of clothing, learning a useful skill can be kind of nice.

Learning Another Language

The most enjoyable day in Spanish class in high school was when you watched Disney movies in another language with the subtitles on, right? (Just us?) Easy enough to recreate that right in the comfort of your own home.

Master Your Favorite Restaurant Meal

See if you can master the perfect Caesar salad or an umami ramen recipe in your kitchen.

Drawing or Painting

The world can always use more people making art. Some styles of artwork require more supplies or skills, while others are perfect for even the most inexperienced among us.


The beauty of writing is that it’s one of the most flexible of hobbies. Maybe you’d like to send postcards or letters to your friends and family. Perhaps you’d like to journal or get into calligraphy. Maybe even write the next great American novel or a moving poem!