Taking a social media pause can have many positive impacts. It can free up time to focus on other important tasks or allow space for a mental reset. Whatever your reason, it can be a healthy choice to step back from social media now and then. We’ve pulled together a few tips for taking a social media pause.

Be Clear About Your Intentions

Know why you are choosing to pause social media and for how long. Write down a statement that you can refer to if you need a reminder.

Temporarily Deactivate Your Accounts

The temptation to scroll through social media is an ingrained habit. Go cold turkey and deactivate to put the accounts out of reach.

Remove the Apps

Getting rid of the apps will add another layer of protection for when you’re tempted. You can always download them again after your break.

Replace the Habit

Find something you can do to replace the social media habit. Read a book, get up and stretch, or reach out to a friend. Have a constructive substitute ready to go for those times when you would normally scroll.

Find a Partner

Recruit a friend or family member to take a social media pause alongside you. Reach out to each other if the going gets tough.

Put Your Phone Down

A social media pause is a great time to break away from spending excess time on your phone. Put the phone in a designated spot to lessen the urge to get on social media.

Invest in Self Care

If you add up all the time you would normally spend on social media you might find an extra hour (or more!) in your day. Use that hour to do something for yourself. Take a walk, exercise, get a massage, or spend time with your loved ones.

Notice How it Feels

Pay attention to the impact of pausing your social media use. Make note of the benefits you experience or what you truly miss.

Make a Plan to Return

Considering the benefits you received from your break, decide what you want your social media return to look like. Clarify how you plan to use social media and what benefit you want to get from it.

Set Healthy Limits

After your break stick to healthy social media limits. Whether you use an app to help you set limits or you work on the honor system, find the right balance for social media in your life and stick with it.