Are you looking to add giving to organizations to your budget? While some people prefer to make one-off donations, many work to make theirs ongoing. We’ve pulled together a list of ways to fit these donations into your regular budget.

Find Causes You Believe In

One of the easiest ways to get yourself motivated to figure out your budget is by picking an organization with a cause that aligns very well with your values. You’ll know that your dollars will be well-spent.

Think About the Tradeoffs

Ask yourself which purchases you could easily go without if it meant you’d be able to donate to a cause.

It’s Not All-or-Nothing

While your budget will require trade-offs, it doesn’t need to be extreme. You don’t have to turn into a hermit in the woods to donate each month.

Set Recurring Payments

If you already know you’re going to want to donate regularly, set up a monthly donation to a credit card and make sure you pay that card off every month.

Set Up a Charity Savings Account

If you want to donate every month, you don’t necessarily always need to donate to the same organization. You can set up a specific savings account for the amount you want to donate and then choose where it goes.

Choose Where You Spend

Some companies spend part of their proceeds on causes or to help specific people in need. Do a bit of research on which companies have values that align with yours.

Turn Savings Immediately Into a Donation

Get an unexpected windfall? Consider bumping up your donation for that month. It doesn’t need to be all of it, but it may be a good way to spend some unexpected cash.

Check for Employer Matches

Some employers will match donations up to a certain amount. Check with them to see if they’d be willing to start something like that if they don’t already.

Donate Time, Skills or Goods

Not all donations need to be monetary. We often think of donating unused items to people who could use them, but think about donating your skills as well.

No Donation Is Too Small

Can’t donate much each month? That’s just fine. The organization will benefit from every dollar, whether that’s a single large donation or ten smaller ones.