Okay, okay so cooking at home can feel like a bit of a chore sometimes. And that’s because if we’re being honest — it is. However, it doesn’t have to be a chore that you’re constantly feeling frazzled and uninspired about. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you cook at home.

Really Set Aside the Time

If you know that you get hungry by a certain time, you have to make sure you have the time to make your meal before then. Don’t watch just one more episode of TV. If you’ll be home too late from work, know that you’ll need a snack. A light snack! Not a meal-sized snack.

Compile Your Kitchen Staples

This list is pretty personal, so don’t assume you can just look one up online and be done. It’s going to depend on what type of food you tend to like, what you know how to cook well and what your nutrition goals are.

Have Written Meal Plans

Yeah, like physically written down. When you can see it regularly. Preferably somewhere you’ll look before giving up and ordering takeout.

Master the One Pot Meal

You know why many people hate cooking at home? The dishes. Cleaning up several pans and pots after cooking for a big family is tiring. For just yourself? Oof. Find some recipes that won’t land you in front of the sink for an hour after.

Master the Leftovers

Learn how to reheat rice well. Figure out what freezes alright and what doesn’t. Trial and error your way to a tastier future.

Don’t Compare to the Restaurant

Have you ever seen one of those side by side comparisons that show how many teaspoons of sugar are in a can of soda? Imagine if they did that with butter and salt for restaurant meals. You’re probably not going to make something restaurant quality — and your arteries thank you for that.

Cook for Cravings

Being able to actually fulfill a craving with something you made in your own kitchen is an amazing feeling.

Set a Limit on Dining Out

Trying to master a particular style of dish this week — let’s say ramen? Make a deal with yourself to not buy any ramen from restaurants that week.

Triple Check Before Shopping Trips

Make sure you really do have the number of onions you need for the week before you go shopping. There’s no faster way to derail plans for cooking in.

Get Help

If you have a partner at home, they can certainly help. Shove that onion at them and get them to work mincing.