Food waste is a pretty big problem in the US. Over 200 pounds of food gets dumped per person each year, according to the EPA. Now, some food waste is pretty much out of our control — like the stuff that’s tossed before it even makes it to the grocery store shelves. But much of it is due to spoiled food after it’s reached our homes. We’ve pulled together a few tips to reduce your food waste.

The Freezer: No Man’s Land

Do you stick things in the freezer, assuming that it will be good for the rest of time (like most people)? If you’ve ever pulled out sad, freezer-burned ice cream you know it’s just not true. Stay ahead of the freezer issues by…actually taking a look in there.

Have Enough Storage

If you’re really trying to prevent food waste from happening, you’re going to need both first and second round storage. First round is for when you pack it up from dinner that night. Second round is for when it needs to go into long term storage in something freezer-safe.

Make a List

Is there a food you often tend to toss by the end of the week? (We’re looking at you, green onions.) Just keep a running list in the kitchen to figure out what your problem areas are.

Long-Term Alternatives

Speaking of foods that you tend to let go bad, how about you try substituting them for something slightly less perishable? A jar of minced garlic can go a long way.

Keep the Bananas Away

Some fruits and vegetables produce ethylene gas when they ripen. Bananas, avocados, peaches and pears are good examples. This gas can make the other produce around them ripen too quickly.

Preserve It

Have some extra red onions after a recipe? Try a quick pickle recipe on it.

Keep Things In Sight In the Fridge

This is similar to the freezer problem, but much more time-sensitive. If you stuff your fridge, you’re much more likely to let food go bad in there.

Weekly Freezer Meal

Every week, plan a type of meal where you can just toss in all your leftover produce. Ratatouille and smoothies are good examples.

Turn it Into Face Care

Avocados are a great example of a food that’s often used in many an at-home face treatment. Please take pictures.

Compost if You Can

If you’re trying to really cut down on food waste, turn your wasted food into something better.