We often suggest taking the time to organize the space that you live or work in. Why? Because there’s plenty of research out there that seems to point to clutter being a bit of a drain on your mental health. So to get you in the spirit to go forth and straighten some knick knacks, we’ve pulled together a list of quick organization tasks that you can do right now.

Start Digital

Remember how you took 400 pictures of that one night out with friends last year? At least get rid of the blurry ones. You know you just cringe when you scroll past them anyways.

That Spot Next to the Door

You almost certainly have a spot that’s a bit of a catch-all for the junk you drag in. You’re not going to use that coupon to get your gutters cleaned (because it expired last April).

Your Car Console

Have a car? Is it a giant mess? That might take more time to tackle. For right now, pick the spot where you put things most often, probably something like the center console.


Do you hold onto mail that has sensitive information to shred or burn later? You know, like your parents always warned you to do? Well guess what, it’s later.

Your Bag

Whether it’s a purse, briefcase, backpack or gym bag, it’s time to dump that thing out and start fresh. If it’s a gym bag…consider washing the whole thing.

The Junk Drawer

Similar to the spot next to the door, this one is often located in the kitchen. When was the last time you saw the bottom of it — or what’s at the bottom of it?

The Freezer

Cleaning out the fridge can get messy quickly. Your freezer, however, is a frozen tundra of freezer-burned foods and mystery items that can be tossed easily.

The Sock Drawer

Step one is to match your socks. Step two is to hunt down the stragglers. Step three is to accept you will never find some of them, The final step is to toss the lonesome singles and be free.


Did you buy a shampoo several years ago that frizzed up your hair? And did you proceed to keep it in the cabinet just in case? Look, it’s been years and at this point you’re probably going to use straight water before you resort to this stuff.


Not feeling it today? That’s alright, get started on a list for tomorrow.