Many people think of meditation as something you do on a fancy pillow with candles or incense in a silent room. While this is true for some, it doesn’t really paint an attainable picture, does it? We think meditation is pretty cool because of all the research showing how it affects the brain (in good ways). To help you take advantage of those benefits, we’ve pulled together some tips to get started with meditation.

Just 2 Minutes

What’s that saying? Don’t make great the enemy of good. You’re not going to start out perfectly zen, so quit making excuses.

Start Immediately

Don’t put things off until tomorrow if they can be done right now with almost no effort. Why do we say no effort? Because, again, you’re not aiming for perfect right out of the gate.

Make Time for It

You know how all the little things that you don’t make time for seem to slip through the cracks? You mean to get to them, but you never seem to. Don’t let this be like that. Set aside real time for it — even if it’s just those 2 minutes.

Decide On Where

Again, it doesn’t have to be special. It just has to be a chosen location so that when the time comes, you’re not scrambling to figure out where to meditate.

Compare and Contrast

Try meditating first thing one day, then before bed the next. See which one you like more.

Count Your Breaths

One of the simplest meditations you can do is to just count your breaths. There’s no pressure to ’empty your mind’ and you can keep track of how long you go.

Try Walking Meditation

Unable to sit still very well? Some people really prefer walking meditation.

The Body Scan

This is a fancy term for just checking in with different body parts to see how they feel. Does your back hurt? Are your knees sore? Are you enjoying being off your feet?

Guided Meditation

Try some guided meditation! We have guided meditations in the Avibra app that walk you through short sessions.

Go Easy On Yourself

Setting your expectations unrealistically high is a recipe for disaster. It’s okay if you’re not a perfect meditation pro by the end of your first session. It’s also okay if you don’t feel some magical lightness of being. Meditation isn’t a magic pill, but it’s a really good tool.