Savoring an experience has been shown to improve a person’s happiness ⁠— not just in that moment but for days and weeks after. But what do people really mean when they tell you to savor something? We’ve pulled together a list of tips to help you savor the good things.

Talk About It

Are you experiencing something fun with your friend, family, coworker or partner? Talk about how much fun you’re having. That process will help you savor the experience.

Stay In the Moment

Try to think about what you’re doing at that moment, not the big to-do list you still have piling up. Keep thoughts present tense.

Share the Fun

Enjoying something solo? Look for someone to share it with to savor the moment. Sharing the experience is a good way to make it more meaningful.

Be Proud

Sometimes our best experiences are ones that we worked hard for or that challenged us. Be proud of the effort that got you there.

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Did you luck into something fun? Acknowledge that!

Laugh a Little

One of the easiest ways to savor something that makes you happy is to let yourself laugh when you’re feeling it.

Dance It Out

Have you ever done a little dance in your seat on the drive or flight to a fun destination? That physical expression of excitement is a good way to actually savor it.

Get Ready to Share

We mentioned staying in the moment, but it’s okay to think about how you’d like to share about your experience in the future.

Don’t Think About the End

If you’re on vacation (or just doing something else fun with an expiration date), don’t dwell on the fact that it’ll be over soon enough.

Avoid Comparing to Your Expectations

Comparing a fun experience to what you thought it was going to be like is a good way to, well, ruin it.