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A good night’s sleep does more than just make you feel well-rested. Your brain requires some serious regular shut-eye to fire on all cylinders for pretty much every aspect of life. Everything from your mood and mental health to your weight and memory can be impacted by getting too little sleep. On the flip side, though, this means that prioritizing your snooze time can help you feel better in a number of different ways.

Skip the Nighttime Phone Scrolling

Bright phone light right before bed can wake you up instead of lulling you to sleep.

Make Sure You Get Some Sun

While bright light before bed is bad, getting real daylight time in during your waking hours will help you fall asleep later.

Skip the Afternoon Latte

Caffeine later in the day will interrupt your sleep that night, leading to a poor cycle.

Nap Strategically

Instead of taking a 3 hour nap at noon, try to keep your daytime snoozes to 30 minutes or less.

Wake Up Consistently

Try to stick to a consistent wake-up time each day so that your body gets used to it.

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Avoid Alcohol

Though many people think that alcohol helps them fall asleep, the truth is that it reduces the quality of your sleep so you’re not as well rested even if you slept longer.

Don’t Do Work In Bed

Avoid doing work in your bedroom, especially while in bed. Otherwise, you’ll start associating sleep with responsibilities and chores.

Choose Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

If you’re able to, try to regulate the temperature in the room. Most people sleep better in a colder room.

Skip the Midnight Snacks

Late night meals can disrupt your sleep through sluggish digestion and triggers to your body to wake up.

Try a Relaxing Ritual

Whether it’s a bubble bath, meditation or evening yoga, a relaxing ritual can prepare your body for rest.

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