Heading to the store can feel like going into war for some people. You’re constantly battling the health factor as well as your budget. Plus, there are just the logistics of getting there, getting what you need and getting home — without forgetting to pick up stamps or eggs. We’ve pulled together a few tips to get the most out of your trip to the store.

Consider Delivery

There’s likely going to be a fee, but it might just pay for itself. If you tend to grab a few impulse buys in-store, that adds up.

Build a Smart List

When you make your grocery shopping list, organize it by where things are located in the store. You’ll spend less time backtracking and forget less.

Mental Math

If you’re working with a smaller grocery budget, identify the most expensive items on your list. Week after week, you’ll get a feel for when you’ve added a few too many pricey things.

Go Solo

With only one person along for the trip, you’ll be in and out much faster and likely with fewer random items.

Check Essentials

Many households only pick up essentials every month or so, but it’s easy to forget to check for those before you go.

Have a Person On Call

If you’re trying to make sure you’re only hitting the grocery store this one time this week and there’s someone at home, make sure they know that you might end up texting or calling when you finally remember that you might be low on eggs.

Shop At Less Busy Times

It’s stressful to pick the lowest priced bottle of garlic powder when the aisle is crowded and the gentleman to the left of you keeps getting in the way.

Check Dates

That chicken with the best by date of tomorrow won’t work for Friday’s dinner. It might be time to look at a frozen option that you can safely thaw.

Food Storage

If you’re going to be making plenty of leftovers this week, do you have the right containers to store it all in? Washed out glass jars aren’t a bad idea, just remember to keep them around once the peanut butter or pasta sauce is gone.

Plan Twice, Shop Once

Make your list then check it before you leave the house. Planning to revisit it can also offer some wiggle room if you need to check in with another household member to make sure you’re getting what they need.