How many times have you found yourself thinking, “I want to do that but I’m just too tired.” Having enough energy can be a big barrier to getting things done each day. That includes everything from work tasks to chores to even the fun stuff. We’ve pulled together a few tips to help you get your energy up.

Get Your Magnesium Checked

If you’re not getting enough magnesium in your diet regularly, you could end up feeling a little sluggish. Almonds, whole grains and halibut are foods that often contain it naturally.

Get Outside

Research has pointed to nature (and trees) being a good way to get your energy up. It doesn’t have to be a full-on hike in the woods to have benefits, either.

Take a Walk

Physical activity tends to be a good way to increase your energy, but walks may be especially useful. You don’t have to get changed into workout clothes and it doesn’t take nearly as much to convince yourself to get started.


Whether it’s a restful night’s sleep or a good power nap, there’s no denying that this is one of the first things you should try if you notice your energy flagging.

Deal with Your Frustrations

Having constant, low-level anger buzzing around in your brain can be really draining for most people. Tackle your problems a bit more aggressively.

Quit or Cut Down on Smoking

If you’re feeling beat halfway through every day, smoking may be the culprit. It can decrease the amount of oxygen your organs get, including the brain.

Go Easy on the Alcohol

People tend to assume that, because alcohol makes them tired, drinking before bed will make them sleep earlier. How many of us wake up feeling well-rested after a night of heavy drinking, though? Booze can decrease the quality of your sleep, even if you technically sleep for longer.

Drink Water Instead

Your body needs it, and it’s not going to work quite as well if you’re perpetually a little dehydrated.

Eat Less Sugar

Sending your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride in the middle of the day leads to some fairly obvious effects on your energy.

Get Checked Out

We mentioned checking your magnesium with a doc earlier, but it’s not the only medical issue that could be killing your energy. There are thyroid conditions, sleep apnea and many more.